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Karen Lagesse-Schüller standing under a palmtree


My name is Karen.

I was born in England in 1964 to an English mother and a German father. My parents moved to Germany when I was two years old, and this is where I spent

my childhood and youth.

At the age of 23, I received a job offer in Mauritius, a tiny island in the Indian Ocean and wanted to give it a try for one year, even though I hardly spoke a word of French. Most of my family & friends shook their heads in disbelief at the thought that I was giving up my "safe" job and social security in a prosperous country. I sold all my belongings and moved to Mauritius with two intentions in mind:  to work like crazy in my job and learn French fluently at the same time. I had planned to stay for one year and then move on to another country or return to Europe.

A couple of months later, it became apparent that destiny had decided otherwise (today,

I know that I am at the origin of everything that "happens" to me) I had fallen in love and got married, settling down for good in Mauritius. My marriage broke up 12 years later, but our three amazing girls ensured that we remained a solid family despite some tough times before reaching that point.

Around 25 years ago, I participated in a workshop learning about "mindfulness", a hardly known technique at the time. I remember sitting in this group of people when

the teacher asked us to close our eyes, as he wished to send ENERGY to only one of us.

I still recall my thoughts thinking:


"Where the hell have I landed here!"

At that precise moment, I suddenly felt fire entering my feet and quickly crawling up my whole body. By the time we were asked to open our eyes, the heat had reached my head, and it was apparent to everybody looking around that I was the one who had received the energy - my face felt and looked as red as a tomato.

Though I had, of course, realized that something extraordinary had happened that day, it was only much later that I understood that a simple thought could create that much energy showing up in someone else's body.

"Just imagine what thoughts do to the owner of the thoughts!" 

This realization was the beginning of a long journey, learning & eventually teaching others about the power of thoughts and feelings and the benefits of living a "fully conscious" life by adequately using our thoughts.

 I am passionate about neuroscience and constantly take part in professional development programs. I decided to earn a degree as a psychological counsellor and became a Life Coach after having certified as a practitioner of life coaching, NLP & hypnosis. I am also a meditation & mindfulness teacher.

I now work on a one-to-one basis in Mauritius and via Skype in several

countries worldwide and host workshops from time to time.

About Me: Inner_about
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