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The most important first: 

 Expect to be listened to without being judged.

This is a place where you can neither do nor say anything wrong. 

You are "FREE TO BE YOU".

Trust is essential in our relationship. If it does not feel right during our introduction talk,

keep searching until you find someone with whom you are completely comfortable.

Honesty is key to spiritual growth and progress,

because the more honest you can be, the more you can discover about yourself.

We shall start by identifying your "goal".

Once we get going, expect to learn quite some things about the brain and the function of

the subconscious mind. We shall observe certain ways of looking at things and

it will be my questioning that will show up some of your hidden beliefs.

The ones not serving you, are the ones which have sent you on this journey of

a search of something in the first place.

We are going to talk about nutrition, exercise, sleep, social and family life, as all these factors

play a big role in our wellbeing.

You can expect to leave each coaching session with one or more tools.

Despite these tools, there may be times in between two sessions

when you get the impression that progress is slow.

This is normal, as all of us develop resistance to change, 

whereas these are exactly the moments when growth and change settle in.

During tough moments you may get in touch with me outside booked sessions

via phone or e-mail - in short - I'm also going

to be there for you outside regular sessions when urgently required.

Expect to do some exercises at home from time to time. 

Though I don't like the word "homework", it is nevertheless a great

tool for changing habits and certain ways of thinking faster, than when only

getting seriously involved during coaching sessions. 



After just a few sessions you will know for yourself where you have arrived on your journey

towards the change you're hoping for, as we shall include

regular reviews into our work. You then decide for yourself whether you wish

to carry on with further sessions or not.

Most of my clients book the follow-up sessions once they're autonomous, 

as new topics or old behaviours can pop up from time to time - these can in most cases be 

settled during a single session.

Each coaching session will bring you closer to who you are deep down.

You will with time know how to face fear, criticism and so-called problems

in a completely new way and will be more conscious about everything

going on around you as well as within you.


If you feel like starting on this adventure,

I would love to hear from you!

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